Board of Directors Meeting for the Year 2021-22

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 27 Jan 2022
Meeting Time 19:00:00
Location Virtual platform
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic Board of Directors Meeting for the Year 2021-22
Meeting Agenda Agenda of BOD Meeting 1. Meeting is called to Order President Rtn Jagmohan Singh 7:00pm 2. National Anthem All Members 7.01pm 3. Minutes of Meeting Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale Approval of MOM 7.04pm 4. IPP & Auditor IPP Pravin & PP Rtn Ravi Rajapurkar Presentation & approval of last year club & Trust balance sheet 7.08pm 5. Club Trainer PP Rtn Pramod Deshmukh Learning Capsule 7.28pm 6. Director, Club Admin Rtn Keshav Manage Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.31pm 7. Director, Service Project Rtn Ankaji Patil Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.35pm 7. Director Membership Rtn Shashank Phadke Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.39pm 8. Director, Youth Rtn Ravindra Kadam Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.42pm 10. Director, Foundation Rtn Aarti Muley Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.45pm 11. Director, Public Relation Rtn Gurdeep Singh Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.49pm 12. Director, Information Technology Rtn Dayasagar Mrig Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.52pm 13. Treasurer Rtn Jayant Yewale Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.55pm 14. Director, CSR Funds Rtn Rakesh Singhania Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7. 58pm 15. Director, Sp. Projects Rtn PP Subhash Jaisinghani Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.01pm 16. Director Global Grant PP Rtn Ravi Rajapurkar Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.04pm 17. Director, International Peace & conflict PP Shubhangi Kothari Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.07pm 18. President Elect Rtn Pranita Alurkar Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.09pm 19. Director, Steward- ship PP Rtn Srikrishna Karkare Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.12pm 20. Director, Runathon Rtn Ravi Hiremath Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.20pm 21. Sergeant- at Arms PP Rtn Dr Sanjay Devdhar Summarization & Comments 8.22pm 22. Meeting Adjourned President Rtn. Jagmohan Singh 8.23pm
Chief Guest President Rtn. Jagmohan Bhurji
Club Members Present 17
Minutes of Meeting ROTARY CLUB OF NIGDI- PUNE MINUTES OF BOD Venue: Online Date: 27 th Jan 2022 Time: 6:30pm. Attendees: President Rtn Jagmohan Singh, Rtn Suhas Dhamale, Rtn Jayant Yewale, Rtn Ravindra Kadam, Rtn Ankaji Patil, Rtn Pranita Alurkar, Rtn Dayasagar Mrig, IPP Pravin Ghanegaonkar, Rtn Harbindar Singh, Rtn. Gurdeep Singh, PP Rtn Ravi Rajapurkar, PP Rtn Srikrishna Karkare, Rtn Keshav Manage, Rtn Ravi Hiremath, Rtn Shashank Phadke, PP Rtn Shubhangi Kothari, Absentees: Rtn Aarti Mule,Rtn Rakesh Singhania, PP Rtn Subhash Jaisinghani,Pp Rtn Promod Deshmukh, Pp Rtn Sanjay Devdhar Invitee: PP RTNAnil Kulkarni Call to order: President Rtn Jagmohan Singh called the Meeting to order & requested to raise for national anthem. Informed about AG visit on 11 th Feb. Unfinished Business: - Approval of minutes of meeting of last meeting Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale read the last minutes & kept before the Board & was approved, seconded by Rtn. Kehav & Rtn Jayant. Business: - President Rtn Jagmohan Singh welcome all members & asked Directors to present happenings in last month . Appreciated the efforts of the directors chairmen & members for their support Club Trainer PP Rtn. Pramod Deshmukh:- Absent Club Admin Director Rtn Keshav Manage: - Director Informed & presented as below Program Informed about last month’s programs & Upcoming Programs in the month of Feb 22 Informed about Regular happenings in Bulletin, Cultural , Fellowship & sports. Attendance- avg attendance is 43% Strongly recommended to have physical meetings. PP Rtn Ravi Rajapurkar suggested to have hybrid meetings, ptesident confirmed to explore the possibilities. Approvals & Actions: - physical meetings will start from 11th Feb Director Community Services Rtn. Ankaji Patil: - Presented& informed about PROJECTS EXECUTED ,PROJECTS UNDER EXECUTION, INCOMING PROJECTS: Total project :21 ,Total beneficiaries :85-92k,Project value of All: 60.50 lakh Proposed two projects-1) Pragati Vidyamandir Induri for construction of 2 class rooms, project cost 27.33 with Vitessco CSR-12 l & school-6L , Trust contribution 4 lacs 2) Zp School -Ground + 1 building , project cost -86 lacs, Approvals & Actions: - 1) Nallah-4 Lacs,2) Pragati Vidyamandir. Director Membership Rtn. Shashank Phadke: - Presented & informed as below, Informed about induction of Mr Sunil Podar, & Presented 1. Software demo for board approval, consisting of updation of the completed projects online with ease.2) Proposal for discussion and board approval, to appoint audio video attendant for weekly programs and cultural events on AMC 3 ) Proposed to have our own music system.4) Connect to Rotary India- expenses are about Rs.10900/- President asked to get more details. Approvals & Actions: - Proposal 1) & 2) above are accepted & 3 rd was rejected. Foundation Director Rtn. Arati Mule: - Absent Approvals & Actions: - Nil PI Director Rtn Gurudeep Singh: Informed about Internal & external PI activities & given the details of media coverage. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Youth Director Rtn. Dr. Ravindra Kadam: - Presented & inform about the installations of rotraract clubs DYPACS & DYPIMER, further informed RYE will start inperson from 22nd July also informed about E-RYLA to be held on 26th Feb on Goal Setting by PP Rtn Pramod Deshmukh. Approvals & Actions: - Nil IT Director Rtn. Dayasagar Mrig: - Informed about the uploading of various activities on district site . Further informed about how to improve our score. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Special Project Director Rtn.PP Subhash Jaisinghani:- Absent Approvals & Actions: - Nil CSR Director Rtn. Rakesh Singhania: - Absent but information given by President on projects under execution & CSR partners. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Global Grand Director Rtn. Ravi Rajapurkar:- Informed about GG project of Morya ICU all clearances received awaiting for RI funds. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Director Runathon Rtn. Ravi Hiremath: - Informed & presented present status & suggested to conduct in March , President proposed to have monsoon Marathon, VP Rtn Harbindar supported Approvals & Actions: - Treasurer Rtn. Jayant Yewale: - Informed the Receipt & Payments in Club A/C & Trust A/C as below Trust: Club: Total Receipt: Rs9095028.00 Total Receipt : Rs.23,57,728.00 Total Payable: Rs. 2768031.00 Total Payables : Rs. 2,72,892.00 Total Expenses : Rs.9069084.00 Total Expenses: : Rs.13,13,662.74 Current Bank balance: Rs.3509329.00 Effective bank balance: Rs 741298.00 Net Balance : Rs.7,92,225.26 Also presented the receipt expenditure & outflow in each project executed till date. Approvals & Actions: - Inter National Peace & Conflict: Director PP Rtn Shubhangi Kothari – Informed about Peace Award & given details about the awardees in District. Approvals & Actions Stewardship Director PP Rtn. Srikrishna Karkare: - The director informed that 13 projects wrer selected for audit purpose , 9 projects audited till date, Further informed that school projects will be audited from 2nd week of Feb 22. P E Rtn Pranita Alurkar: -- Open Discussions: - Sargent at arms Pp Rtn. Dr Sanjay Devdhar: - Absenty. President Jagmohan Singh adjourned the meeting. Rtn Jagmohan Singh Rtn Suhas Dhamale President Secretary