Installation of President Rtn Jagmohan Singh Bhurji & BOD for 2021-22

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 12 Jul 2021
Meeting Time 11:00:00
Location Hotel Blue Water
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic Installation of President Rtn Jagmohan Singh Bhurji & BOD for 2021-22
Meeting Agenda Assimilation All 0:45:00 10:15:00 11:00:00 1 On Dias President Pravin Ghanegaonkar & Secretary Pres Pravin & Sec Harbinder 0:00:00 11:00:00 11:00:00 Pravin & Suhas 2 Meeting called to order President Pravin Ghanegaonkar 0:01:00 11:00:00 11:01:00 3 Call for National Anthem President Pravin Ghanegaonkar National Anthem Clip 0:02:00 11:01:00 11:03:00 Keshav / Sonali 4 Handover the proceedings to MOC President Pravin Ghanegaonkar 0:01:00 11:03:00 11:04:00 5 Welcome Guests, online guests, PP & Rotarians MOC Savita Rajapurkar Request guests to be seated, request all to keep the mobiles in silent mode 6 Lighting of Lamp Pres. Pravin, Sec. Harbinder, DG Prankaj Shah, AG Nitin Dhamale, Pres. Jagmohan Singh, Sec. Suhas 0:05:00 11:06:00 11:11:00 7 Ganesh Vandana Namita 0:03:00 11:11:00 11:14:00 8 Guests on Dias MOC Pravin & Sunanda, Jagmohan & Hardeep, DG, Secretary incoming 0:05:00 11:14:00 11:19:00 Ravi Rajapurkar 9 Felicitation of Dignitaries & acknowledgement of guest President Pravin Ghanegaonkar DG 0:10:00 11:19:00 11:29:00 10 Secretarial Report for 2020-21 Rtn Harbinder Presentation 0:07:00 11:29:00 11:36:00 11 Outgoing Presidential Address Rtn Pravin Ghanegaonkar 0:07:00 11:36:00 11:43:00 12 Award to Directors / Chairman Rtn Pravin Ghanegaonkar Trophies 0:05:00 11:43:00 11:48:00 13 Introduction of Incoming President Rtn Jagmohan Singh by Rtn Pravin Ghanegaonkar 0:03:00 11:48:00 11:51:00 14 Installation of Rtn Jagmohan Singh Rtn Pravin Ghanegaonkar Charter, Collar, Pin & Gavel 0:05:00 11:51:00 11:56:00 15 Exchange of Plants & Place Rtn Pravin Ghanegaonkar & Rtn Rtn Jagmohan Singh Rtn Sunanda & Rtn Hardeep Kaur 0:02:00 11:56:00 11:58:00 16 Memento to Rtn Pravin on behalf of BOD Rtn Jagmohan Singh 0:02:00 11:58:00 12:00:00 17 Installation of Rtn Suhas Dhamale & Exchange of Plants & Seats Rtn Harbinder Collar & Pin 0:02:00 12:00:00 12:02:00 18 Memento to Secretary on behalf of BOD Rtn Suhas Dhamale Memento / Framed Collar 0:02:00 12:02:00 12:04:00 19 Delivery of Oath to President Jagmohan Singh PP Rtn Arvind Khandkar Oath Print 0:02:00 12:04:00 12:06:00 20 Presidential Address Rtn Rtn Jagmohan Singh Address Print 0:07:00 12:06:00 12:13:00 21 Installation of BOD Rtn Jagmohan Singh & DG Rtn Pankaj Shah 0:15:00 12:13:00 12:28:00 22 Oath to BOD Rtn Jagmohan Singh Oath Print 0:02:00 12:28:00 12:30:00 23 Group Photo MOC Camera / Light 0:03:00 12:30:00 12:33:00 24 Welcome Guests, Late if any MOC Savita Rajapurkar List 0:02:00 12:33:00 12:35:00 25 Simarpreet message Online 0:02:00 12:35:00 12:37:00 26 Release of Rowind DG, President & Secretary 0:03:00 12:37:00 12:40:00 27 Fellowship Diary Release DG, President & Secretary 0:03:00 12:40:00 12:43:00 28 Introduction of DG AG Rtn Nitin Dhamale 0:03:00 12:43:00 12:46:00 29 Address by DG Rtn Pankaj Shah 0:10:00 12:46:00 12:56:00 30 Secretarial Announcements Rtn Suhas Dhamale 0:01:00 12:56:00 12:57:00 31 Song Ravi & Corus 0:03:00 12:57:00 13:00:00 32 Vote of Thanks PE Rtn Pranita Alurkar 0:02:00 13:00:00 13:02:00 33 Adjourn the Meeting Rtn Jagmohan Singh 0:01:00 13:02:00 13:03:00
Chief Guest DG Rtn Pankaj Shah
Club Members Present 85
Minutes of Meeting On 12th July 2021, 33rd installation ceremony of Rtn. Jagmohan Singh as President, Rtn Suhas Dhamale as Secretary & other Board of Directors was held at Hotel Blue water. Due to pandemic situations installation program was physital. Only board members & few guest were present . This program was broadcasted on Facebook live for the rest of the members. District governor Rtn Pankaj Shah was chief guest. ceremony was started with the deep Prajwalan at the hands of DG Pankaj Shah and other dignitaries. it was followed by Ganesh Vandana by annet Namita Mange. MOC Rt Savita Rajapurkar welcomed all the guests. Outgoing secretary Harvinder Singh presented annual secretariat report and summarised the activities happened in various avenues throughout the year. Outgoing president Rtn Dr Pravin Ghanegaonkar thanked all directors, chairmen and members in his presidential address. Service director Rt Mukund Mule ,Youth director Rtn Gurdeep Singh shared the best director award , Rtn Pramod Patankar awarded as best chairman & Best Rotarian award was given to Rtn Rakesh Singhania By the outgoing President Rtn Pravin. Outgoing president & District Governor installed incoming president Rtn Jagmohan Singh and outgoing secretary installed incoming secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale. . Memento was Presented to outgoing President and secretary on behalf of the board. PP Rtn Arvind Khandkar gave oath to the new president Rt Jagmohan Singh. President Rtn Jagmohan Singh delivered his presidential speech. Incoming Board Of Directors were installed by President and DG. All directors were given oath by president. Daughter of president Rt Jagmohan, annet Simarpreet wished him virtually. Rowind and Fellowship Diary was released at the hands of DG. AG Rtn Nitin Dhamale introduced DG Rtn Pankaj Shah. DG congratulated newly installed president and the board. He addressed the audience and appreciated the work done in membership avenue. Secretarial announcements were done by Sec Rtn Suhas Dhamale. Theme song was sung by Rtn Ravi Hiremath and team. Finally vote of thanks were given by president elect Rtn Pranita Alurkar. President & Fellowship chairperson Rtn Hardeep Kuar invited all for lunch and President adjourned the meeting.