12-01-2014 - 12-01-2014

1 Name of the Project TRAFFIC SURAKSHA ABHIYAAN PROJECT 2 Need Assessment. To give an oath to the citizens including school children, senior citizens of following traffic rules and regulations 3 Beneficiaries. Over 10000 people witnessing the event which included more than 50 Corporates benefitted from the event. 4 Number of Rotarians participated and involved. 90 Rotarians and 50 Anns actively participated in this project. 5 Help Provided The banners of Traffic Rules and Regulations were displayed along the Highway 6 Status of the Project Our Club was successful in spreading the awareness of the Importance of following traffic rules 7 Details in brief: On the 12th of January 2014 the ACP gave the Oath of Safety and Importance of following Traffic Rules to the whole crowd consisting of many corporate, school children, senior citizens etc 8 Enhancement of Public Image and Publicity in Community. The Event was witnessed by more than 10000 people. Importance of following these traffic regulations had a goo

Project Details

Start Date 12-01-2014
End Date 12-01-2014
Project Cost 0
Rotary Volunteer Hours 0
No of direct Beneficiaries 0
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Non Rotary Partners Pune Traffic Police
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