Family Nite - These Punjabi nite

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 29 Apr 2022
Meeting Time 19:00:00
Location Rotary Community Center
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic Family Nite - These Punjabi nite
Meeting Agenda Assimilation 7.00 pm 1. Meeting called to Order President Rtn Jagmohan Singh 7:30 pm 2. National Anthem 7:31pm 3. Secretarial Announcements & Guest Recognition Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale 7:35 pm 4. Fellowship, birthdays and anniversaries Rtn Hardeep Kaur 7:36 pm 5. Announcements By Directors 7:39 pm 6. Briefing About “Punjabi Night” President Rtn Jagmohan Singh Ann Nirupama ji 7:43 pm 7. Meeting Adjourned President Rtn Jagmohan Singh 7:45 pm 8. “Punjabi Night” 7:46 pm 9. Vote of Thanks President Rtn Jagmohan Singh 8:48 pm 10. Fellowship & Dinner 8:50 pm
Chief Guest Rtn Jagmohan Singh Bhurji
Club Members Present 60
Minutes of Meeting Punjabi Nite was celebrated on 29th April 2022. It was very well organized program anchored by Ann Nirupama Chaddha. More that 50 Rotarians, Anns and Annets participated the the program which included Dances, Songs, Skits depicting Punjabi culture. It was followed by very delicious food. Every one enjoyed it very much