7th Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 17 Feb 2022
Meeting Time 18:00:00
Location Hotel Blue Water
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic 7th Board of Directors Meeting
Meeting Agenda 1. Meeting is called to Order President Rtn Jagmohan Singh 6:00pm 2. National Anthem All Members 6.01pm 3. Minutes of Meeting Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale Approval of MOM 6.04pm 4. Director, Service Project Rtn Ankaji Patil Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 6.07pm 5. Director, Steward- ship PP Rtn Srikrishna Karkare Audit Report presentations 6.12pm 6. Open Discussions 7.36pm 7. Sergeant- at Arms PP Rtn Dr Sanjay Devdhar Summarization & Comments 7.41pm 8. Meeting Adjourned President Rtn. Jagmohan Singh 7.43pm
Chief Guest Rtn Jagmohan Singh Bhurji
Club Members Present 38
Minutes of Meeting MINUTES OF BOD President Rtn Jagmohan Singh called the Meeting to order & requested to raise for national anthem. President informed that the meeting is dedicated to Stewardship Avenue. Unfinished Business: - Approval of minutes of meeting of last meeting Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale read the last minutes & kept before the Board & was approved, seconded by Rtn. Rajapurkar & Rtn Pramod. Business: - President Rtn Jagmohan Singh welcomed all members & asked Directors Stewardship to present the audit report of the committees. 1) PP Rtn Ranu Singhania presented the report of Project: Water supply systems for tree Plantation, 4 tanks of 5,000 ltr & 1 tank of 10,000 ltr along with pipes Findings: Avirat Shramdan group is looking after this project.2000 volunteers , Water tanks are well maintained, pipes are also maintained well, 350 types of native plants are planted, Stickers were provided with Rotary’s as well as the CSR partner’s name. The stickers are torn is most of the places and the names are not visible. There is no record of maintenance and cleanliness of the tanks Recommendations: 1)To get the Donor’s name painted. 2) To maintain records of maintenance and cleaning of tank 3) check the possibilities of collaboration with 14 trees. 2) PP Rtn Ravi Rajapurkar presented the report of Project: Human Milk Bank at Dy Patil Medical Hospital. Findings : 1) Capacity utilisation is 30 % only. 2) Van not in use. Recommendations: !1 Collection of milk from other hospitals is needed. Hence collection centres at other hospitals like YCM are to be established. 2) Mothers to be educated to donate.3) Incentivising needed for mothers & staff. 4) Satellite centers to set up. 3) Rtn Shashank Phadke presented he report as below, Project: Happy Village, Water and Toilets projects at Saburdi, Jakhalewadi 1) Elevated Water reservoir- Findings: Its operational and very useful for residents. Recommendations : 1) MS ladder is not fixed. It shall be fixed properly to avoid any accident. 2) In future plumbing shall be done in GI pipes instead of Flexible PVC pipe. 1. Solar Panels- Findings: Its operational and very useful for residents. Recommendations : Solar energy after two hours usage goes un-utilized throughout the day. Incase it can be stored then can be utilised for street lighting or may be lighting entire residential area. If some useful equipment like fodder cutter or some machine is run on this electricity, it can provide some employment to village men/women 2. Well constructed by MB- Findings: 1) Its operational and very useful for residents. 2) At present parapet is just 0.3/0.45m Recommendations : Required parapet of 1.1 m height to be constructed to avoid any accident. 3. Toilets no 72 and other unnumbered- Findings: Its operational and very useful for residents. Aldrops, hinges and other mongary material are un-operational and broken due to corrosion. Recommendations: Non corrosive type material to be used for fittings of the toilets. Rectification of steps required 4. Primary education center- Findings: Its operational and very useful for students. Aldrops, hinges and other mongary material are un-operational and broken due to corrosion. Recommendations: 1) Non corrosive type material to be used for fittings of the toilets. Rectification of steps required 2) Requires umra patti as drain off urine separator near nahani. Rectification of technical fault requires immediately to avoid unhealthy situations during operations 5. Well cleaning – Findings:Non operational/ Occasionally operational as the need is over. Already the village has nal yojana and also tube wells. Recleaning required Enpro considered to sponsor the fitting cost. Suggestions for new projects: 1. Catchment area adjoining well at Jakhalewadi- Partially un-operational due to easy drain off. Bandhara is good but base of catchment is porous. However it is providing good input to well. If hard surface with help of concrete is added, it shall provide more storage in natural way. 2. Desilting of catchment area near saburdi,washere-Its Operational but with low potential due to heavy silting. Desilting shall increase water capacity, providing more water supply to village. Rich alluvium soil can be traded to generate funds and reinvesting in village development. Can think of adopting this village under happy village project 4) Rtn Usha Rangarajan presented the report Project: Jaulke Village water Scheme Findings: 1) The water scheme is not in opration as there are major leakages in the pipe line. 2) Water tank is not in operation as other tank is built by Govt. 3) Tap station is not in use as tank is not in use. 4) solar pump & pipeline is used to fill the govt tank. Recommendations: 1) Get repaired the leakages, suggestion was to award the work to the same contractor who has done this work in nominal rates. 5) Rtn Dayasagar Mrig presented the report for Project: Moraya Hospital – 1) C T Scan M/C 2) Mammography 3) Oxygen plant 1)C T Scan Machine. Findings: 1)Equipment is well maintained.2)The hospital could perform 100 Cochlear Implant Surgeries for Deaf Children only because of availability of inhouse CT scan facility. 3)So far 925 CT scans have been performed in last 2 years.4) Full charge (Rs 2500) 401, 50% charge (Rs 1250) 240,Free of charge 284 5) Records are well maintained 6) Rotary branding was visibal 7) Charges are reasonable. 2)Maintenance Issues: At the time of installation UPS was not installed and it resulted if failure of the scanning Tube costing 28 lacs. Subsequently instead of paying 28 lacs upfront the hospital has entered into CMC @ Rs 1.8 Lacs/month. Also, they have now installed UPS costing Rs 8 Lacs. Installing UPS in the beginning would have saved the Tube. Recommendations: Cost of UPS should be considered for any computerized system in future. 2)Mammography Machine: Findings: It is Well maintained. There are no issues related to maintenance or use. The hospital have performed 1822 Tests in 14 years. Recommendations: Need to organize camps for mammography and to create awareness so that many more ladies should go for it regularly for early detection. 3)Oxygen Plant: Audit not conducted. However Rtn Mukund presented the status of the plant , why it has happened how to resolve it & recommended the actions to taken by us & Hospital. 6) IPP Pravin Ghanegaonkar presented Project: 1) 18 Nos of Biogas 2) Well type Pond 3) Overhead water storage tank 20k Ltrs 4) Toilet Block 9 Nos.at Pimploli village 1)Bio Gas Plant: Findings: 1)The 16 out of 18 Gober Gas plants are in working condition 2)1 Gober Gas plant has technical problem & other is not working due to non availability of animal Most of the beneficiaries are happy.3)Branding on the all Plants is not visible 4)In most of the cases stove is giving problem like overheating, burner are not working etc. 2)Well : Findings: 1) Well is in good condition & utilized to full of its capacity for the benefit of the villagers 2)Branding is clearly visible. 3)Beneficiaries have shown satisfaction & thanked the RCN Recommendations: 1) Maintenance Agency to be appointed for Plant for minor repairs & Stove repair or replacement 2) Stove condition in most of the Plants is poor, if possible replacement of stove is to be done 3) Branding on the all Plants is to be done by oil paint 4) Big board at the entry of Village mentioning all details of the projects done by RCN is required 5) No recommendation for water well. 3)Toilet Bloks: Findings: 1) All Toilet blocks are in use 2) Tiles & Doors of 2-3 toilets are bit in broken condition 3) Branding is missing on 4-5 toilets 4) Coloring from outside & inside is missing 4)Overhead Water Tank 20 KL : Findings: 1) It is in good condition & utilized daily 2) Branding & coloring is required on Water Tank Recommendations: 1)Branding is require to be done on Toilets 2)Coloring from outside & inside of toilets is required to be done 3)Painting agency to appointed for the Branding 4)Big board at the entry of Village mentioning all details of the projects done by RCN is required 5) Branding & coloring is required on Water Tank 6) Maintenance Agency to be appointed for repair of doors & tiles 7) PP Rtn Ishwar Thakur presented Project: DORC Phaco Vitrectomy m/c; Haag Streit Microscope; EIBOS, Ophthalmoscopic lens; Ikegami Camera; 32"LED Monitor & Ikegami Medical recorder , at Sassoon Hospital, Pune. Findings: 1)Physical condition of asset provided was Excellent.2)Records regarding utilization of asset are maintained adequately.3) Sufficient visual branding is not provided Recommendations: 1) Status of records regarding utilization of asset can be improved if adequate staff is available. Hence more staff shall be appointed for record management. 2)More consumables are to be made available for better utilization of asset. 3)One display at surgical section and maybe one display outside building is required 8) Rtn Rakesh Singhania presented as below Project: Irrigation pipeline with pumping station at Savla Findings: 1) Solar pump trip everyday at 3 pm , a technical issue to be attended, 2) only 50 families are getting benifited. Rcommondations:1 ) Additional expense to be done for 600 pipes of 6’ to cover remaing 50 families.2) drinking water arrangement by building 20 kl water tank 3) 300 mtr cable to be provided to extend the pump near by water source in summer. 9) PP Rtn Rajapurkar presented Project: Parsul village water project Findings: 1)The project is in use for 2 years smoothly.2) villagers receive water alternate day at their doorstep.3) The village school and PH centre get free water.4)well maintained and operated by hanuman seva mandal of the village. Recommendations: 1) Barbed wire fence around solar installation in the valley & safety signs to minimize risk of electrocution. A minimum 3 meters exclusion zone should be created around the panels.2) Clearing of area around solar installation to isolate from forest fires (insurance If cost permits)3) Repairs of the pump station & station door, painting and affixing safety signs on the electrical installation inside 4) Repainting of signage on the water tank 5) Structural audit / checking of the 30 feet high water tank containing 20000 litre water 10) Rtn Haresh Vanwari presented as below Project: 27 Toilet Blocks Mindewadi Findings: 1)27 Toilet Blocks audited. 2) 5 Are Damaged 3) Other all are in good working Condition 4) Beneficiaries are happy 5) Branding is missing 6) Some Toilet Blocks are need to repair. Recommendations: 1)Branding 2) Maintenance. Open Discussions: During this session BOD members & invitees placed various suggestions for discussions & finally it is concluded that 1) To order the consumables required to operate the machines to be ordered along with the machine.(if possible) 2) For Branding standard 2 to 3 size boards with engraving to prepared & used for all projects. 3) Agency to be appointed to take care of small repairs 4) Some % of Runathon collection to be allocated for execution of findings & recommendations on old projects. 5) PP Rtn Devdhar reminded the situation of earlier installed e-learning kits & recommended not to go for it. 6) PP Rtn Anil Kulkarni suggested to conduct audit at Jijamata Hospital & YCM.7) Estimates to be prepared for the execution of findings & suggestions. Approvalas: 1)INR 50,000/- for 5 E-learning kits & additional 5 nos are sanctioned.2) PP Rtn Anil Kulkarni announced 25 lakhs for Manobal project 3) PP Rtn Karkare announced a project of 3.2 cr for group of 5 villages nearby to Kadus. Sargent at arms PP Rtn. Dr Sanjay Devdhar: - Expressed his satisfaction of conduct of the board. President Jagmohan Singh adjourned the meeting.