Board of Directors 5th Meeting for the Year 2021-22

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 02 Dec 2021
Meeting Time 19:00:00
Location Hotel WE
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic Board of Directors 5th Meeting for the Year 2021-22
Meeting Agenda 1. Meeting is called to Order President Rtn Jagmohan Singh 7:00pm 2. National Anthem All Members 7.01pm 3. Minutes of Meeting Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale Approval of MOM 7.04pm 4. IPP & Auditor IPP Pravin & PP Rtn Ravi Rajapurkar Presentation & approval of last year club & Trust balance sheet 7.08pm 5. Club Trainer PP Rtn Pramod Deshmukh Learning Capsule 7.28pm 6. Director, Club Admin Rtn Keshav Manage Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.31pm 7. Director, Service Project Rtn Ankaji Patil Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.35pm 7. Director, Membership Rtn Shashank Phadke Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.39pm 8. Director, Youth Rtn Ravindra Kadam Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.42pm 10. Director, Foundation Rtn Aarti Muley Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.45pm 11. Director, Public Relation Rtn Gurdeep Singh Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.49pm 12. Director, Information Technology Rtn Dayasagar Mrig Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.52pm 13. Treasurer Rtn Jayant Yewale Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.55pm 14. Director, CSR Funds Rtn Rakesh Singhania Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7. 58pm 15. Director, Sp. Projects Rtn PP Subhash Jaisinghani Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.01pm 16. Director Global Grant PP Rtn Ravi Rajapurkar Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.04pm 17. Director, International Peace & conflict PP Shubhangi Kothari Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.07pm 18. President Elect Rtn Pranita Alurkar Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.09pm 19. Director, Steward- ship PP Rtn Srikrishna Karkare Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.12pm 20. Director, Runathon Rtn Ravi Hiremath Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.20pm 21. Sergeant- at Arms PP Rtn Dr Sanjay Devadhar Summarization & Comments 8.22pm 22. Meeting Adjourned President Rtn. Jagmohan Singh 8.23pm
Chief Guest President Rtn. Jagmohan Bhurji
Club Members Present 35
Minutes of Meeting President Rtn Jagmohan Singh called the Meeting to order & requested to raise for national anthem. Unfinished Business: - Approval of minutes of meeting of last meeting Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale read the last minutes & kept before the Board & was approved, seconded by Rtn. Rakesh & IPP Rtn Pravin. Business: - President Rtn Jagmohan Singh welcome all members & asked Directors to present happenings in last month . Appreciated the efforts of the directors chairmen & members for their support Club Trainer PP Rtn. Pramod Deshmukh:- Conducted a short secession on “Touch communication” IPP Rtn Pravin Ghanegaonkar:- Presented the balance sheets of Trust up to March2021 & June 2021along with club balance sheet for Rotary year 20-21. During presentations it was observed that there is Fix deposit with IDBI from club account , Rtn Rakesh suggested to take it back & was agreed, Further PP Rtn Karkare enquired about Alephata members fees, which was deposited in our a/c ,PP Rtn Rajapurkar explained that Club is not formed yet & hence it was deposited in our a/c. It was further observed that there is a/c with BOI & Rs.18000/- is still balance, Rtn Rakesh informed that it was opened for donation from bank, After discussions Balance sheets were approved & accepted. Club Admin Director Rtn Keshav Manage: - Director Informed & presented as below Program Informed about last month’s programs & Upcoming Programs in the month of Dec. Also informed about New year celebrations. IPP asked about whether it will be chargeable or not. PP Ranu was of opinion that it must be chargeable. Decision was pending. Bulletin1 )Digital Rowind is continued, & it is getting published regularly. Cultural:Happening Fellowship- Happening Attendance- avg attendance is 42% Sports Expected to be happened in near future. Approvals & Actions: - Director Community Services Rtn. Ankaji Patil: - Presented& informed as below PROJECTS EXECUTED IN NOVEMBER 1) Mega Blood Donation Camp on 12 Nov 2021.  Collected blood from donors. Beneficiaries were 92.  Camp was organized by Creative component Pvt. Ltd.  Total Project Cost Nil. 2) Annamrita Foundation Bhosari on 16th Nov 2021.  Handover food delivery van to Mr Kanhai thakur Prabhu ji Head of Annamrita Foundation.  Beneficiaries were 40,000.  Sponsored by Jayshree Polymers Pvt. Ltd.  Project Cost- 3.5 lakhs. 3)Ecoscaping & Restoration of Nalha on 17th Nov 2021.  The 12000 sq feet site has been restored and landscaped in an eco-friendly manner.  All Rotarians planted trees at Enpro Headquarters. CSR partner Enpro Industries Pvt. Ltd.  Project Cost-12.75 lakhs. PROJECTS UNDER EXECUTION IN DECEMBER: 1) Karandi village school: vidya vikas mandir High school. Requirement of 10k Ltr Drinking water tank, science lab & 3 Computers. Strength : 694 students CSR Partner-Vitesco . 2) Naygaon kanhe phata school : ZP primary school ( ISO certified) Requirement of Toilets & 2 Computers. Strength : 120 students CSR Partner-Vitesco. Total Project cost for both project is Rs. 10.5 lakhs 3) Shreevatsa, SOFOSH in Sasoon Hospital: Proposal for play equipment to be installed. CSR Partner: Aparna Services Mr. Rakesh Singhania. Project cost : 1.5 lakhs 4) Drinking water tank at Apati Village: Pipeline, water tank and water distribution in village. CSR Partner- Bridgestone. Project cost: 9.00 lakhs . 5) Nalha Restoration at Kivale Village: INCOMING PROJECTS: 1) Indrayani cancer hospital Alandi: Brachytherepy machine Project cost : 2.5 Cr. ( looking for CSR partner) 2) Aurboratum at Durga Tekadi in association with PCMC Project cost: 12.00 lakhs. ( waiting for approval from PCMC commissioner ) Approvals & Actions: - Director Membership Rtn. Shashank Phadke: - Presented & informed as below, INDUCTED Mr Sunil Joshi Ref: Rtn Jayant Yeole To be INDUCTED Mr Dattaray Padwal Ref: Rtn Shashank Phadke & Mr Sunil Potdar Ref: Rtn Aarti Muley, Further it was informed that, Mr. Padwal is not joining. It is decided to return fees but funds transferred to Trust can not be refunded. Further in discussion to induct Sunil Podar PP Rtn Ravi insisted to conduct rotary information session officially & which was agreed. Each satellite club has identified 2 members each and very soon they shall be inducted. This shall take up the collective number of satellite club members to 25 Mem. Dev. broad Highlights: Total new Members added-6,Total satellite members added -21 Sustained club-1- RC of Maval, Added new rotary club -1 RC of Alephata Central Total RC Nigdi membership strength as of now-115 Total RC Nigdi strength with Sat club mem-136 Possible return of resigned members-2 Approvals & Actions: - Nil Foundation Director Rtn. Arati Mule: - Informed about the Goals , Plan for the year, & Target for the Foundation month, Further informed about • Total commitments received USD 58000 • Total collection till now USD 7350 • President informed to register for Fdn foundation seminar arranged by district. Approvals & Actions: - Nil PI Director Rtn Gurudeep Singh: Presented & informed that The activities are getting published & appeared 35 times in various newspapers & 23 projects are uploaded on Instagram & followed by 146 Approvals & Actions: - Nil Youth Director Rtn. Dr. Ravindra Kadam: - Presented & inform as below • Explained about district RYLA. • Installation planned on 6th Dc. & for DYPMIR next week. Approvals & Actions: - Nil IT Director Rtn. Dayasagar Mrig: - Informed about the uploading of various activities on district site Projects-19 ,Weekly Meetings-19, BOD Meetings-5, Club Assemblies-2, Youth Activities-6, Weekly Bulletin-16 & Club By Laws, Club Banner – Uploaded, List of Chairpersons and their responsibilities . Further informed our Score as on district web site dash board-257/1250 also mentioned the scores in various avenues:, Also suggested to meet AG one to one. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Special Project Director Rtn.PP Subhash Jaisinghani:- Informed about Mega blood donation camp held at Creative Polymer, where 92 bottles collected. Also informed about district conference. Approvals & Actions: - Nil CSR Director Rtn. Rakesh Singhania: - Director informed about the projects under considerations & companies under discussions. PP Rtn Vijay informed about Bousch interest in child education & President informed about 1.5L donation by Balzers curtsies Rtn Mukund. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Global Grand Director Rtn. Ravi Rajapurkar:- Informed about GG project of Morya ICU all contributions are received there is delay due to system speaking to Gulab Vahanwati. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Director Runathon Rtn. Ravi Hiremath: - Informed & presented – • So Far: Date is being fixed which will be on 6th of Feb 2022. • Venue: Commissioner Ground PCNTDA. • Got approval from BOD to go ahead for the event. & many Rotarians agreed to contribute whole heartedly for the event. • Maximum registration's will be 3000 max including corporate runners. • Registrations started on 18th of Nov through Town script. • Assigned preliminary work like website, Design of Flyers and coordination with Townscript is being assigned to BLUE RAMP management lead by Mr. Shrirang & Mr. Bhagyesh. • Registration fee reduced to Rs 900/- and group registration discount will be 15%. Progress…. • This time we have planned to assign Town script for marketing of the event & registrations. • Town script shall share E-mails every Monday to its Data bank worth of 1,20,000 runners. particularly in Pune region also shall share on social media post every week on our platform which will cost Rs 50,000/- • We have been associated with BLUE RAMP since last three runathons. Based on the experience we are going to assign them major responsibilities of the event. Already we had couple rounds of discussions. Scope of work yet to be decided. Forecast under new guidelines for COVID protocols, • Before going to take any decision on event we should wait till mid of Dec. as previous version of virus did not effect much for longer days and Govt. had to withdrawal regulations. • As our event is more focused on corporate runners, corporates shall be reluctant to send their employees for the participation. • Major preparations cost T-shirts & Medals need minimum one month advance so we can wait till end of Dec. Approvals & Actions: - Decision taken to wait till end DEC. Treasurer Rtn. Jayant Yewale: - Informed the Receipt & Payments in Club A/C & Trust A/C as below Club: Total Receipt Rs.21,63,886.00 Total Expenses: Rs.11,33,220.94 Still Payables till today : Rs. 2,68,392.00 Net Balance available Rs.7,83,325.06 Trust: Total Receipt: Rs.6772217.00 Total Payable: Rs. 2684138.00 Total Expenses : Rs.6225211.00 Current Bank balance: Rs.4296190.00 Effective bank balance: Rs 1612052 Also presented the receipt expenditure & outflow in each project executed till date. PP Vijay suggested to pay the Alephata club dues before Dec or return the amount.,Presidenr said to return the amount if RI invoice not received in time. Regarding GST regulations PP Rtn Rajapurkar advised to ignore. Further informed to submit the budget before Feb23 to charity commissioner. Approvals & Actions: - Inter National Peace & Conflict: Director PP Rtn Shubhangi Kothari - Nil Approvals & Actions Stewardship Director PP Rtn. Srikrishna Karkare: - The director presented the Audit plan to conduct the audit at various projects with expected date of reports. Further the audit report of Morya Hospital with findings & suggestions were presented by the audit committee assigned. P E Rtn Pranita Alurkar: - Open Discussions: Sargent at arms Pp Rtn. Dr Sanjay Devdhar: - Stated that the meeting conduct was good & satisfactory. President Jagmohan Singh adjourned the meeting.