Board of Directors 4th Meeting for the Year 2021-22

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 27 Oct 2021
Meeting Time 18:30:00
Location Boat Club, Pune
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic Board of Directors 4th Meeting for the Year 2021-22
Meeting Agenda 1. Meeting is called to Order President Rtn Jagmohan Singh 7:00pm 2. National Anthem All Members 7.01pm 3. Minutes of Meeting Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale Approval of MOM 7.04pm 4. Club Trainer PP Rtn Pramod Deshmukh Learning Capsule 7.08pm 5. Director, Club Admin Rtn Keshav Manage Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.11pm 6. Director, Service Project Rtn Ankaji Patil Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.16pm 7. Director, Membership Rtn Shashank Phadke Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.21pm 8. Director, Youth Rtn Ravindra Kadam Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.26pm 9. Director, Foundation Rtn Aarti Muley Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.29pm 10. Director, Public Relation Rtn Gurdeep Singh Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.32pm 11. Director, Information Technology Rtn Dayasagar Mrig Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.35pm 12. Treasurer Rtn Jayant Yewale Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.40pm 13. Director, CSR Funds Rtn Rakesh Singhania Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7. 43pm 14. Director, Sp. Projects Rtn PP Subhash Jaisinghani Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.46pm 15. Director Global Grant PP Rtn Ravi Rajapurkar Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.49pm 16. Director, International Peace & conflict PP Shubhangi Kothari Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.52pm 17. President Elect Rtn Pranita Alurkar Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 7.57pm 18. Director, Steward- ship PP Rtn Srikrishna Karkare Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.00pm 19. Director, Runathon Rtn Ravi Hiremath Report presentations / plans & Approvals if any 8.05pm 20. Sergeant- at Arms PP Rtn Dr Sanjay Devadhar Summarization & Comments 8.08pm 21. Meeting Adjourned President Rtn. Jagmohan Singh 8.10pm
Chief Guest President Rtn. Jagmohan Bhurji
Club Members Present 27
Minutes of Meeting Call to order: President Rtn Jagmohan Singh called the Meeting to order & requested to raise for national anthem. Unfinished Business: - Approval of minutes of meeting of last meeting Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale read the last minutes & kept before the Board & was approved, seconded by Rtn. Rakesh & Rtn Jayant. Business: - President Rtn Jagmohan Singh welcome all members & asked Directors to present happenings in last month . Appreciated the efforts of the directors chairmen & members for their support Club Trainer PP Rtn. Pramod Deshmukh:- Conducted a short secession on “Effective Audio Communication” Club Admin Director Rtn Keshav Manage: -In absence of Director Rtn Sujata Dhamale Informed & presented as below Program Upcoming Programs • 29th Oct : Garden on Platter 5th Nov : Diwali Holiday 12th Nov : Cultural activity by Rotaractors 19th Nov : Speaker on Foundation 25th to 28th Nov : Trip to Amritsar Sept Month Program: • 1st Oct : Amcha Maharashtra • 8th Oct : Mission Literacy (Mr Prabhune) • 15th Oct : Holiday (Dussehra) • 22nd Oct : Coffee with RCN • 29th Oct : Garden on Platter • Bulletin 1) Digital Rowind is continued 2) PP Column added. Cultural 1) 29th Oct : Garden on Platter Fellowship- Happening Attendance- avg attendance is 34% Sports Box Cricket activity has been planned. Date will be announced soon. Approvals & Actions: - Director Community Services Rtn. Ankaji Patil: - Presented& informed as below Total project :14 Total beneficiaries :45-50k Project value of All: 33.80 lakhs Incoming projects: Presented in last meeting approved in principal Further proposed Global Grant project of Bore well charging in 100 school to be executed in synergy. Project cost 15000USD PP Rtn Ranu Singhania asked update on Apti village project as Bridge stone is following up Rtn Rakesh informed to visit to Apti along with Bridgestone representative. Approvals & Actions: - GG project is approved Director Membership Rtn. Shashank Phadke: - Presented & informed as below, Newly proposed 1. Sunil Poddar 2. Narendra Patil & informed about the satellite club activities. Further informed that there are 9&13 members in satellite club & 10-12 may develop interest to become Rotarian. In general discussions PP Rtn Anil Kulkarni mentioned that as per by laws member should get formal reminder of their dues it is a serious matter. Further Rtn Mrig asked how many members paid fees & is there any follow ups Rtn Rakesh Singhania informed that informal follow up is there. PP Rtn Anil Kulkarni mentioned that apart from President BOD should also take the responsibility of follow ups. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Foundation Director Rtn. Arati Mule: - Informed about the Goals , Plan for the year, & Target for the Foundation month, Further informed about • Total commitments received USD 58000 • Total collection till now USD 6500 Approvals & Actions: - Nil PI Director Rtn Gurdeep Singh: Presented & informed that The activities are getting published in various newspapers also 20 projects are uploaded on Instagram & followed by 141 Approvals & Actions: - Nil Youth Director Rtn. Dr. Ravindra Kadam: - Presented & inform as below • Planning meeting held on 12th Nov for program with Rotary 6 Rtr leaders participated • Installations are pending due to covid protocol. • Interact clubs are inactive & installations pending. • Outbound student activities: Guiding 9th oct, Wel-come-Twice this month on Zoom Platform • Total 5 students have applied from our club • 5 students have already got the approval from district. • 2 inbound students have been allotted in 1st phase one each from Brazil and Bangladesh. Approvals & Actions: - Nil IT Director Rtn. Dayasagar Mrig: - Informed about the uploading of various activities on district site Projects-17 ,Weekly Meetings-13, BOD Meetings-4, Club Assemblies-2, Youth Activities-5, Weekly Bulletin-15 & Club By Laws. Further informed our Score as on district web site dash board-230/1250 also mentioned the scores in various avenues: AG Reporting-0/75, E-Governance Compliance-5/50, Service Projects-126/150, Club Administration-37/100, Membership60/150, Newgeneration-0/100, PI-0/50 & informed that Following Information yet to be uploaded: Activities of Public Image Avenue, Club SWOT Analysis, Youth Activity Reports, List of Chairpersons and their responsibilities , Mobile App Download. Also informed about the information to be submitted to him after completion of activity to upload on site. Further President informed that New Generation report is with him & Confirmed to meet AG one to one. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Special Project Director Rtn. PP Subhash Jaisinghani:- Not available but president presented on behalf of Director as below: BREAST CANCER AWARNESS PROGRAM was organized by IMA-PCB and Creative Components Pvt. Ltd. at their factory premises on 20th Oct 2021 for their lady workers, The lecture was informative and creating awareness of breast cancer which could be avoided. Approvals & Actions: - Nil CSR Director Rtn. Rakesh Singhania: - Director informed as below: Projects Under Execution: 1. Annamitra Foundation – Delivery Van 2.Gender specific Toilet to ZP School Naygaon 3. Nala Cleaning at Pimpri near Auto Cluster 4.Apti Village water Tank Projects in Pipeline: 1. PCMC Arboretum at Durga Tekdi 2.Neo Natal Ventilator to Command Hospital 3. Digital Mammography machine to Indrayani Cancer Hospital 4.Brachytherapy Machine to Indrayani Cancer Hospital 5.Gender specific Toilet to School at Subhash anna Kul school 6. 10 kl water tank to school at Karandi Furter informed about the companies under discussions for CSR Also appreciated the support by Rotarians & companies. And appeal to give valuable leads. In discussions PP Rtn Ravi Rajapurkar mentioned about 2.2 lacs from Benson & Hughes Rtn Rakesh stated that he is in discussions, Further informed that GKN will support for small projects upto 2 lacs as this year funds are exhausted. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Global Grand Director Rtn. Ravi Rajapurkar:- Informed about GG project of Morya ICU costing USD 69K+ will be executed in synergy with Finland district 1385 & our district 3131 with contribution of USD 12k & Directed gift of 15000 & 32000 From Enpro & Pooja castings & funds will be in a/c shortly, PP Rtn Ranu Singhania informed that all equipment of Sassoon project are received & we have to pay INR 5000 as balance is only INR2500. President sanctioned it. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Director Runathon Rtn. Ravi Hiremath: - In absences of Director President Informed & presented – So Far: what has happened • Date is being fixed which will be on 6th of Feb 2022. • Venue: Commissioner Ground PCNTDA. • Route : The Same routes. • Discussions, Brain storming sessions held during last two BODs whether to conduct the event? Presented proposed plan, tentative expenditures, resource of funds. • Discussed on risk analysis & respective losses due to cancellation of event. • Asked BOD to arrive at conclusion that whether to go ahead with risk. Proposed plan…. • It will be low budget Runathon- Registration open for 1st Nov 2021. • Max participants to be restricted to 3000nos, & Fee Rs 800/- each Reg. • Races to be conducted – 5Km & 10Km. • 21Km will be decided only after response from participants till 1st of Jan. • Corporate run will be of 5Km. • 100% RFID BIB • Flagging off & Inaugural ceremony-Low key event. • More focus on Route, Hydration points, Finish point & Medal Distribution • Digital marketing & 100% online gateway system for registration. • Evening program for felicitation of winners & sponsors. Expected Sources of funds collection Sponsor’s  15 Lacs ,Rotarians  15 Lacs Through Registrations  in the range 8 to 24 lacs for considering the participants 1000/2000/3000 Total expected Collections in the range of 38 to 54 Lacs Expected Budget of Expenditures in the range of 19.47 to 29.13 lacs Risk Analysis If Event gets cancelled before 15th Jan 2022 Due to Pandemic or any other unavoidable reasons, there will be a risk of loss in the range of 6.84 to 11.50 lacs. Risk mitigation • At present none of the insurance companies are ready to quote. • If at all they quote that will be just 15days prior to the event. • This offer doesn’t comply to our requirements of risk mitigation. Further it was discussed why Runathon is important to us. PP Rtn Anil Kulkarni mentioned that it is our connect to CSR, however saving can not be touched to recover losses, however funds available other than FD can be used & suggested to contribute by the BOD instated Members, in response PP Rtn Ravi Rajapurkar & Rtn Vinod Bansal committedRs.1 lac, Anil Kulkarni further committed if each BOD member contributes Rs.1 lac he will contribute 3 Lacs. Rtn Shashank was of opinion to have plan B as remotely conducted run as per guideline at different places in different groups it was declined as logistic is difficult to handle. Further Rtn Alka Karkare asked why no to 21 km? President stated to consider. Rtn Rakesh of opinion to go ahead with it. Approvals & Actions: - Treasurer Rtn. Jayant Yewale: - Informed the Receipt & Payments in Club A/C & Trust A/C as below Club: Total Receipt Rs.18,49,887/- Total Expenses: Rs.11,88,836.94 Still Payables till today : Rs. 2,82,093.06 Net Balance available Rs.4,13,701.06 Trust: Total Receipt: Rs.80,41,280.00 Payments till date: Rs. 47,99,393.00 Payable till date: Rs.26,65,312.00 Receivables till date : Rs.32,41,895.00 Net balance: Rs.5,76,583.00 Also presented the receipt expenditure & outflow in each project executed till date. Approvals & Actions: - PP Rtn Rajapurkar suggested to maintain record in balance sheet format InterNational Peace & Conflict:Director PP Rtn Shubhangi Kothari informed about Award to be given to unsung heroes in society & appeal to suggest names, Trainer Rtn Pramod Deshmukh suggested to put in Rowind. Approvals & Actions: Stewardship Director PP Rtn. Srikrishna Karkare: - Not available. President informed that 1st audit was completed by the team at Moraya Hospital & findings are awaited. P E Rtn Pranita Alurkar: - Presented the minutes of meetings of Strategic committee for information & suggestions. PP Rtn Rajapurkar suggested go in more details. Open Discussions: President proposed to sanction INR 20000/- as discretionary power to spend at a time & limited to total of 2 lacs. It was sanctioned & seconded by Rtn Rakes & PP Rtn Anil Kulkarni. Sargent at arms Pp Rtn. Dr Sanjay Devadhar: - Stated that the meeting conduct was good & satisfactory. President Jagmohan Singh adjourned the meeting.