Amcha Maharashtra - Family Night

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 01 Oct 2021
Meeting Time 19:00:00
Location Hotel Blue Water
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic Amcha Maharashtra - Family Night
Meeting Agenda 1. Meeting call to Order President Rtn Jagmohan Singh 7:00 pm 2. National Anthem All Attendees 7:03 pm 3. Guest Recognition (if Any) & Secretarial Announcements Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale 7:05 pm 4. Fellowship, birthdays and anniversaries Fellowship Chairman Rtn Hardeep Kaur 7:10 pm 5. Announcements By Directors Rtn Ankaji 7: 15 pm 6. Announcement By IPP Rtn Pravin Ghanegaonkar Narration about Awards Received 20-21 7.18 pm 7. Meeting Adjourned President Rtn Jagmohan Singh 7.19 pm 8. Handing Over to Anchor President Rtn Jagmohan Singh Anchor: Rtn Shashank & Rtn Arati 7:20 pm 9. Cultural Program Anchor “Amchaa Maharashtra” 8:45 pm 10. Vote Of Thanks Ann Manisha Phadke & President Jagmohan Singh 8.46 pm 11. Fellowship & Dinner 10pm
Chief Guest President Rtn. Jagmohan Bhurji
Club Members Present 125
Minutes of Meeting One of the best evenings we spent with my rotary friends after a long time was the family night on 01.10.21. The theme “Amcha Maharashtra” encompassing the entire history of the state was very well depicted by the amazing performance of more than 60 + Rotarians, Anns and Annets. The passion and involvement with which each participant played their role was a treat only a few spectators like me could watch and experience. It's very difficult to bring out the essence of the vast history and culture of this great state in such a short period of time. I must say it was a stupendous achievement of the directors and choreographers, the brainchild of the event, to put up such flawless and action-packed event. Kudos to the entire team. Devotion and Patriotism go hand in hand, and this is the very root of our culture. From the Warkari sampradaya, which is more than 800+ years having the association of great saints like Sant Tukaram and Sant Gyaneshwar to the patriotism and sacrifice of the great Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Tanaji Malsure was brought ot life on stage by the rendition and performance of the participants. Felt the wave of devotion and rush of adrenaline at the same time. The Koli dance and the Ganesh Utsav was full of energy. The foot tapping music and the beats of the dhol brought most of we spectators out of our seats on to our feet. But what I loved and enjoyed the most was the Vat Savitri skit…Khoop Majja Ali ani Khoop Hasalo. To be very frank I have no words to express this. Every participant, I felt, are born actors. This time I skipped the bar counter and went straight to enjoy the mouthwatering Maharashtrian cuisine. Trupth Zhalo. Right from the Concept finalization to Choreography to Compering to Enacting, it was flawless and a mind-blowing effort. Three Cheers to the Cultural Committee, Participants and RC NIGDI.. Let us have many more such inclusive programs… Jai Maharashtra ….Jai Bharat