Board of Directors 3rd Meeting for the Year 2021-22

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 29 Sep 2021
Meeting Time 07:00:00
Location Hotel Blue Water
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic Board of Directors 3rd Meeting for the Year 2021-22
Meeting Agenda 1. Meeting is called to Order President Rtn Jagmohan Singh 7:00pm 2. National Anthem All Members 7.01pm 3. Minutes of Meeting Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale Approval of MOM 7.06pm 4. Club Trainer PP Rtn Pramod Deshmukh Learning Capsule 7.08pm 5. Director, Club Admin Rtn Keshav Manage Next 2 months plans & Approvals if any 7.11pm 6. Director, Service Project Rtn Ankaji Patil Next 2 months plans & Approvals if any 7.14pm 7. Director, Membership Rtn Shashank Phadke Next 2 months plans & Approvals if any 7.17pm 8. Director, Youth Rtn Ravindra Kadam Next 2 months plans & Approvals if any 7.20pm 9. Director, Foundation Rtn Aarti Muley Next 2 months plans & Approvals if any 7.23pm 10. Director, Public Relation Rtn Gurdeep Singh Next 2 months plans & Approvals if any 7.26pm 11. Director, Information Technology Rtn Dayasagar Mrig Next 2 months plans & Approvals if any 7.29pm 12. Treasurer Rtn Jayant Yewale Next 2 months plans & Approvals if any 7.35pm 13. Director, CSR Funds Rtn Rakesh Singhania Next 2 months plans & Approvals if any 7. 38pm 14. Director, Sp. Projects Rtn PP Subhash Jaisinghani Next 2 months plans & Approvals if any 7.41pm 15. Director Global Grant PP Rtn Ravi Rajapurkar Next 2 months plans & Approvals if any 7.44pm 16. Director, International Peace & conflict PP Shubhangi Kothari Next 2 months plans & Approvals if any 7.47pm 17. President Elect Rtn Pranita Alurkar Strategic Planning & Club Bylaws 7.50pm 18. Director, Steward- ship PP Rtn Srikrishna Karkare Next 2 months plans Approvals if any 7.52pm 19. Director, Runathon Rtn Ravi Hiremath Next 2 months plans Approvals if any 8.01pm 20. Open Discussions 1) Runathon Discussions 8.25pm 21. Sergeant- at Arms PP Rtn Dr Sanjay Devadhar Summarization & Comments 8.27pm 22. Meeting Adjourned President Rtn. Jagmohan Singh 8.28p3
Chief Guest President Rtn. Jagmohan Bhurji
Club Members Present 30
Minutes of Meeting Meeting Call to order: President Rtn Jagmohan Singh called the Meeting to order & requested to raise for national anthem. Unfinished Business: - Approval of minutes of meeting of last meeting Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale read the last minutes & kept before the Board & was approved, seconded by PE Rtn. Pranita Alurkar & PP Rtn. Dr Sanjay Devadhar. Business: - President Rtn Jagmohan Singh welcome all members & asked Directors to present their achievements & work done in short . Appreciated the efforts of the directors chairmen & members for their support Further he informed the meeting dedicated for IT & Runothan Club Trainer PP Rtn. Pramod Deshmukh:- Conducted a short secession on “Communication & effective presentation” Club Admin Director Rtn Keshav Manage: - Informed & presented as below Club bylaws Amendment in the Club Bylaws completed. Program Upcoming Programs • 1st Oct : Amcha Maharashtra • 8th Oct : Mission Literacy (Mr Prabhune) • 15th Oct : Holiday (Dussehra) • 22nd Oct : Coffee with RCN • 29th Oct : Garden on Platter August Month Program: • 6th Aug: Chalti Rahi Jindagi (Dwarkaji Jalan) • 13th Aug: Induction of Satellite Club Members & New Members • 20th Aug: Coffee with RCN Bulletin 1) Digital Rowind is continued 2) Planning to add a column for PP.. Cultural 1) 1st Oct : Amcha Maharashtra 2) 29th Oct : Garden on Platter Fellowship 1) Plan to have Trip to Amritsar from 23rd to 2) 27th November. Aprox budget Rs 32000. Attendance Personal calls to improve the attendance Sports Box Cricket activity has been planned. Date will be announced soon. Approvals & Actions: - Trip to Amritsar was approved Director Community Services Rtn. Ankaji Patil: - Presented the details of avenue :- Avenue : ENVIRONMENT (July & August 2021) Projects Details : 1) Ankur sapling Project with Nisarg NGO . 2835 seeds & distributed to 63 Rotary families expected 1500 sapling & till date 600 saplings handover to nursery. project cost Rs 9000.00. Avenue : MEDICAL Project Details : 1) Blood Donation Camp Conducted 1 Blood donation camp & collected 86 blood bottles, Total Beneficiaries 500 Project cost: Nil 2) Covid-19 Vaccination Camp Conducted 5 Covid-19 vaccination camps & total beneficiaries 1882 nos. Project cost: Rs 15.78 lakhs. Avenue : COMMUNITY SERVICE (July & August 21) Project Details : 1) Flood relief in Chiplun & Mangaon Donated & distributed 2000 sets of Blankets & Bed sheets, 17000 drinking water bottles. 20 boxes of Sanitizers, Hand wash, 1760 kg grocery, 410 sets of Gum boots, 850 sets of buckets & mugs. CSR partner Sandvik Asia ltd. Project cost Rs. 7.0 lakhs. 2) Bhorgiri Bhima Shankar: synergy project with Rotary club Airport Chakan & Rotary club of Rajgurunagar & Eco activist satellite club, we have Distributed 50 grocery kits & 50 no tarpaulins. Project cost Rs 1.0 lakh. 3) Donated15 computers & 10 printers to PCMC commissioner office, CSR partner POSCO IPPC. Project cost 9.63 lakhs. Avenue: WINS & HAPPY School (July & August 21) Project Details : 1) Koyali school building: Constructed new school building in Koyali village Total beneficiaries around 15k-20k students in coming 25years. CSR partner : Enpro Industries Pvt. Ltd. Total project cost 55.00 lakhs Avenue: VOCATIONAL Project Details : 1) Eco Friendly Ganesh Festival Competition: Our club is a synergy partner in this project. Received over 350 entries in the various categories. From our club Aarti Muley and Sonali Jayant helped on the technical aspects of the virtual contest. Pranita Alurkar and Nirupma Chadha are jury for the dance competition. Umaa Rangaanathan is judge for the elocution competition. Total project :12 Total beneficiaries :45-50k Project value of All: 33.50 lakhs Incoming projects: 1) Karandi village school: vidya vikas mandir High school Requirment :20k Ltr Drinking water tank & science lab Strength : 694 students villagers are ready to contribute 30% Project cost Rs. 3.0 lakhs For water tank it was suggested by Rtn Shashank to go for cement tank instead of plastic tank director & president agreed to consider the same. 2) Naygaon kanhe phata school : ZP primary school ( ISO certified) Requirement of Toilets & RDEP Strenght : 120 students Project cost Rs. 3.0 lakhs For RDEP PP Rtn Devdhar suggested to wait till report of PP Rtn Srikrishna, Rtn Sheetal asked whether ZP schools can be supported being a govt school but it was cleared by president. 3) Shreevatsa, SOFOSH in Sasoon Hospital: Proposal for play equipment to be installed. Project cost : 1.25 lakhs 4) Beautification on Nalha, water treatment, butterfly garden, & nalha restoration. Location : Behind Enpro Industries corporate office. CSR partner Enpro Industries pvt. ltd. Project cost: 12.75 lakhs 5) Shri Subhash Anna kul high school Dound : Rtn Ajit Kothari explained the project in details Requirements: Toilets for girls & boys, library & science lab Strength : 147 students. Project cost: Rs.6.00 lakhs (Their own contribution form friends Rs. 2.25) 6) Funding underprivileged students for level 1 foreign language education in PCMC govt schools through foreign language Olympiad association. Languages : German, French, Spanish Project cost: for 200 students Rs. 35000.00 ( per language per student Rs. 175.00) 7) 1.5km Nalha Water purification project for Pavana river in PCMC Project cost: Rs.50 lakhs 8) Indrayani cancer hospital Alandi: Brachytherepy machine Project cost : 2.5 Cr 9) Waste management project in DehuGaon with Rotary club of Dehu Project cost: 2.5 Cr 10) Aurboratum at Durga Tekadi in association with PCMC Project cost: 12.00 lakhs 11) AnnaMitra Foundation Bhosari : requirement of Food delivery van Project cost: Rs. 7.00 lakhs 9) Vaccination for 5000 people in slum area with PCMC & Sangh parivar Board appreciated the efforts of the team. Approvals & Actions: - All projects were approved in principle Director Membership Rtn. Shashank Phadake: - Presented & informed as below, New rotary club • RC of Alephata central received charter PP Rtn Vijay explained the details, about 27-31 nos added president informed new addition is about 50 & we are the largest club in the largest club in district. Ghar wapsi • Pp Rtn Shivesh Anand has agreed to join and shall attend first meeting on family night • PP Rtn Heera has agreed and shall join once he improves his health Assimilation Groups • Implementation from October 2021 • Help arrange one meeting per group once a month and increase enthusiasm for more participation in various activities Retention of Membership • Reach various non rotarian but known groups and give presentation of Rotary Nigdi achievements to generate interest in RCN • Acquire knowledge from District representatives to raise marking level • Initiate training and appoint membership development chairman in Satellite clubs Board appreciated the planning & execution Approvals & Actions: - Nil Foundation Director Rtn. Arati Mulay: - Informed about the happenings as below, • Total commitments received USD 58000 • Total collection till now USD 6000 Approvals & Actions: - Nil Youth Director Rtn. Dr. Ravindra Kadam: - Presented & inform as below • Out of 5 RYE applications 2 approved by district • Health camp in rural area is planned, expected beneficiaries 750 nos. • Eryla Yuva planned by district 7 Rotaractors attended. • BOD appreciated the efforts. Approvals & Actions: - Nil P I Director Rtn. Gurudip Singh Bhogal: - No change from last meeting Approvals & Actions: - Nil IT Director Rtn. Dayasagar Mrig: - The meeting was dedicated to IT Director informed various aspects to get the max marks in E Governance for various avenues. Further gave the details of marking system for membership, club admin, project & foundation. Also informed about the information required to upload the project on district website. It was further informed that Following Information is yet to be uploaded & also fixed the responsibilities: 1 Activities of Public Image Avenue – Rtn Gurdeep Singh/Rtn Mrig 2 Club SWOT Analysis 3 Youth Activity – Reports to be uploaded – Rtn Dr Kadam/Rtn Mrig 4 List of Chairpersons and their responsibilities - President 5 Mobile App Downloaded Rotarians 70 out of 110 – All Rtns 6 Mobile App Downloaded Spouses 0 – All Anns 7 Club Banner – Rtn Dayasagar Mrig Board appreciated the efforts. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Special Project Director Rtn. PP Subhash Jaisinghani:- Not available but president presented on behalf of Director as below: Green Period (Environment project) PAD FOR PAD Eliminate period poverty with a healthier,eco friendly option with cost benefit The project was started on 14th July, 2021 with 65 women workers at the cost of Rs30000/- The second project was 14th Aug -2021 with 85 women workers at the cost of Rs34,000/- at Kurli Plans: Rotary Surgical Camp Planned in the Month of Feb End /March,22,Budget : 5.0lac,Target : 100 patients Distribution of Cycles Target : 100 no's for Rural Poor Girls of Standard VIII to IX, Budget : 4.0 lac ,This project will be taken subject to opening of schools Environmental Project PAD FOR PAD, Foreign Voyage to Mauritius Meeting: Joint meeting with Rotary Club & High Commission of India Approvals & Actions: - Nil CSR Director Rtn. Rakesh Singhania: - Director informed as below: Projects in hand: 1. PCMC Arboretum at Durga Tekdi 2. Neo Natal Ventilator to Command Hospital 3. Digital Mammography machine to Indrayani Cancer Hospital 4. Brachytherapy Machine to Indrayani Cancer Hospital 5. Annamitra Foundation – Delivery Van 6. Gender specific Toilet to ZP School Naygaon 7. Nala Cleaning at Pimpri near Auto Cluster Further informed about the companies in discussions & acknowledged 1. Members – for Chiplun project 2. Sandvik Asia – for Chiplun project 3. Rtn. PP Vijay Kalbhor, for POSCO project 4. Rtn. Gurdip Singh – for Vitesco Technologies 5. Rtn. Nikhil Inani – for BVG 6. Rtn. Ishwar Thakur & Rtn Dayasagar Mrig for GKN 7. Enpro Industries – for Nala project And appeal to give valuable leads. PP Rtn Vijay asked whether we are going ahead with vaccination van project President denied the same. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Global Grand Director Rtn. Ravi Rajapurkar:- Not available But Rtn Rakesh informed that GG account is opened after some hassles. Approvals & Actions: - Nil International….Peace & Conflict Director Rtn PP Shubhangi Kothari: - Director expressed her interest to hold the peace award function & appeal to suggest the nominees. President assured to give slot for this program. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Director Runathon Rtn. Ravi Hiremath: - Informed & presented – So Far: • Date is being fixed which will be on 6th of Feb 2022. • Venue: Commissioner Ground PCNTDA. • Route : The Same routes. • Discussions, Brain storming sessions held during last two BODs whether to conduct the event? Asked Are we ready to go ahead?..need to conclude before 30th Sept 2021. My personal opinion is “YES” As situation is favorable to conduct the event. Board’s opinion? IF YES Proposed plan…. • It will be low budget Runathon- Registration open for 1st Nov 2021. • Max participants to be restricted to 3000nos, & Fee Rs 800/- each Reg. • Races to be conducted – 5Km,10Km & 21Km. • Corporate run will be of 5Km. • 100% RFID BIB • Flagging off & Inaugural ceremony-Low key event. • More focus on Route, Hydration points, Finish point & Medal Distribution • Digital marketing & 100% online gateway system for registration. • Evening programme for felicitation of winners & sponsors. Expected Sources of funds collection Sponsor’s  15 Lacs Rotarians  10 Lacs Through Registrations  24 Lacks (3000NosX Rs800/-) Total expected Collections 50 Lacs Sponsors shall be 1) Direct event partners 2) T-Shirts 3) Medals 4) Goodie Bags 5) RFID 6) Route Signage Expected Budget of Expenditures 1) T-Shirts (3000 participants) @ Rs 120/-each 3,60,000 2) Volunteers T-Shirts @ Rs120/-each 60,000 3) T-Shirts for Rotarians & Anns @ Rs350/-each 77,000 4) Medals – 3000nos @ Rs100/-each 2,40,000 5) RFID-BIB 3000nos @ Rs100/-each 3,00,000 6) Goodie Bags, snacks 3000nos @ Rs100/- each 3,00,000 7) Water bottles & Energy Drinks, Fruits 1,50,000 8) Flex & hoardings, stage, signages 2,50,000 9) Prize Money – Trophies 2,50,000 10) Photography, Videography, Music, Sound, Lights, Ground management 2,00,000 11) Security Guards Police cattery for Rotarians 1,00,000 12) BIB distributions expenditures 50,000 13) Evening program of felicitation 1,00,000 14) Town script- charges 50,000 Total Rs 25,00,000 Risk Analysis If Event gets cancelled before 15th Jan 2022 Due to Pandemic Consequences? Losses 1)Ground Expenditures 10,000/- 2) Primary market expenditures 1,00,000/- 3) T-Shirts 3,60,000/- 4) Medals 2,40,000/- 5) Volunteers T-Shirts & Rtn T-Shirts 1,50,000/- 6)Additional 1,40,000/- --------------- 10,00,000/- Whether we are ready to take risk of Rs 10,00,000/- Board was very serious on the losses if the event get cancelled President was of opinion to under right the losses against Fix deposits but Rtn Rakesh was of the opinion not dent the trust by under righting these losses instead take the commitment from the members to use their contribution to overcome the losses PP Rtn stated that for this decision General meeting can be called. Further PP Rtn Pramod informed that there is a provision in insurance to insured the event losses he has been asked to present the details Approvals & Actions: - It is decided to go ahead with Runothan proposed by Ravi Hiremath seconded by President & IPP Pravin Treasurer Rtn. Jayant Yewale: - Informed the Receipt & Payments in Club A/C & Trust A/C as below Club: Total Receipt Rs.14,70,987/- Against Membership fees, Spouse x 17,Members x 40,Members half yearly x 10,New members Entrance fee, Music lovers fees x 9,Eco activist fees x 12,Alephata Club fees, Sunshine cash, Fellowship, Additional T shirt, Satellite flood relief donation & Total Expenses: Rs.7,28,350.94 Towards District Dues, RI Dues, RI News payment, Induction catering Installation photographer, installation Bluewater, Aug Family night catering, PCMC clubs cricket league fees Still Payables till today : Rs. 3,90,989.00 against Aug Family expenses, Entrance fee to be transferred, Music lovers fees x 9, Eco activist fees x 12,Alephata Club fees, Satellite flood relief donation, Induction mandap, sofa décor Net Balance available Rs.3,72,699.06 Trust: Total Receipt: Rs.70,82,832.00 by donation from Rtns, school, CSR funds etc… Payments till date: Rs. 3951607.00 towards various project cost, RCC rent etc…. Payable till date: Rs.26,65,312.00 towards various project costs Receivables till date : Rs.28000.00 from satellite club Net balance: Rs.493913.00 PP Rtn Vijay asked for receipt for payment made by members, president agreed to issue it for trust payments. Approvals & Actions: - Stewardship Director PP Rtn. Srikrishna Karkare: - Not available. P E Rtn Pranita Alurkar: - Informed that By-Laws were amended & Printed book distributed to incoming leaders. Also informed that a Strategic committee meeting will be held shortly Open Discussions: PP Rtn Anil Kulkarni stated on behalf of trustees that no information is given to trustees, PP Rtn Devadhar informed that Board recommends & trustees approves this procedure to be followed. Rtn Rakesh stated that now a days there is dilution in protocols of trust. President agreed to change the situation & submit whatever approved by board. Further Pp Rtn Anil Kulkarni appreciated the conduct of the meeting Sargent at arms Pp Rtn. Dr Sanjay Devadhar: - Stated that the meeting conduct was professional with proper time management. President Jagmohan Singh adjourned the meeting. Rtn Jagmohan Singh Rtn Suhas Dhamale President Secretary