Board of Directors 1st Meeting for the Year 2021-22

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 28 Jul 2021
Meeting Time 18:30:00
Location Seasons Banquets
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic Board of Directors 1st Meeting for the Year 2021-22
Meeting Agenda 1. Meeting is called to Order President Rtn Jagmohan Singh 6:30pm 2. National Anthem All Members 6.31pm 3. Minutes of Meeting Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale Approval of MOM 6.36pm 4. Club Trainer PP Rtn Pramod Deshmukh Learning Capsule 6.38pm 5. Director, Club Admin Rtn Keshav Manage Presentation & Approval 6.42pm 6. Director, Service Project Rtn Ankaji Patil Presentation & Approval 6.46pm 7. Director, Membership Rtn Shashank Phadke Presentation & Approval 6.50pm 8. Director, Youth Rtn Ravindra Kadam Presentation & Approval 6.53pm 10. Director, Foundation Rtn Aarti Muley Presentation & Approval 6.56pm 11. Director, Public Relation Rtn Gurdeep Singh Presentation & Approval 6.59pm 12. Director, Information Technology Rtn Dayasagar Mrig Presentation & Approval 7.02pm 13. Treasurer Rtn Jayant Yewale Presentation & Approval 7.05pm 14. Director, CSR Funds Rtn Rakesh Singhania Presentation & Approval 7. 08pm 15. Director, Sp. Projects Rtn PP Subhash Jaisinghani Presentation & Approval 7.10pm 16. Director Global Grant PP Rtn Ravi Rajapurkar Presentation & Approval 7.13pm 17. Director, International Peace & conflict PP Shubhangi Kothari Presentation & Approval 7.16pm 18. Director, Runathon Rtn Ravi Hiremath Presentation & Approval 7.19pm 19. Director, Steward- ship PP Rtn Srikrishna Karkare Presentation & Approval 7.22pm 20. President Elect Rtn Pranita Alurkar Strategic Planning & Club Bylaws 7.23pm 21. Open Discussions 7.26pm 22. Sergeant- at Arms PP Rtn Dr Sanjay Devadhar Summarization & Comments 7.28pm 23. Meeting Adjourned President Rtn. Jagmohan Singh 7.29pm
Chief Guest President Rtn. Jagmohan Bhurji
Club Members Present 29
Minutes of Meeting Call to order: President Rtn Jagmohan Singh called the Meeting to order & requested to raise for national anthem. Unfinished Business: - Approval of minutes of meeting of last meeting Secretary Rtn Suhas Dhamale read the last minutes & kept before the Board & was approved, seconded by PE Rtn Pranita Alurkar & PP Rtn. Dr Sanjay Devadhar. Business: - President Rtn Jagmohan Singh welcome all members & asked Directors to present their achievements & work done in the year. Appreciated the efforts of the directors chairmen & members for their support Club Trainer PP Rtn. Pramod Deshmukh:- Conducted a short secession on “ACHIEVING IMPACTFUL FACE-TO-FACE COMMUNICATION” which is useful in Rotary as well as in daily life. Club Admin Director Rtn Keshav Manage: - Informed & presented as below Club bylaws Amendment in the Club Bylaws circulated. Program 1) 2nd July: Relation between Human & Snakes in urban context 2) 9th July: Club Assembly 3) 12th July: President & BOD Installation 4) 23rd July: Successful Leadership in Large Clubs August Month Program: • 6th Aug: Chalti Rahi Jindagi (Dwarkaji Jalan) • 13th Aug: Induction of Satellite Club Members & New Members • 20th Aug: Coffee with RCN Bulletin 1) Rowind being published in digital format. 2) Four volumes have been published. Cultural 1) 30th July: Family Night (Theme Dosti) 2) 27th Aug: Family Night Fellowship 1) All the fellowship announcements i.e. Birthday & Anniversaries are being done regularly in the meetings. 2) On Anniversaries Rtn Hardeep Kaur is taking extra efforts by greeting the couple with Personalised gift hamper. 3) All the meetings were Virtual. On Installation day Lunch with fellowship was arranged at Hotel Blue waters. Attendance • Average attendance was about 51% Sports • Due to Pandemic restrictions & rain no sports activities were conducted. Technical support • Sonali is taking care of this by Hosting the meetings, arranging the presentations & broadcasting the same. Board appreciated the proactiveness of the team Approvals & Actions: - Nil Director Community Services Rtn. Ankaji Patil: - Presented the details of avenue :- Project Name : Ankur sapling Project with Nisarg NGO . The project details with budget were provided along with the contribution from members. Further The present status of the project was presented before the board, as below • On 17th July 2021 , members are requested to be present at Leela Nursery to transfer the saplings into soil bags, about 150 saplings were transferred & also 200+ seeds were handed over to nursery. Around 10 anns & Rotarians were present. Project Name : Covid -19 Vaccination :- It was informed that two camps were conducted for the workers & their families the project details are as below, 1) Date & Venue : 7Th July 2021 , Pooja Castings Pvt. Ltd . • Total beneficiaries were 600 nos . • Sr GM Mr. Jaikumar was the chief guest & 12 club members along with Kulkarni family were present. 2) Date & Venue : 24Th July 2021 , Jayshree Polymers Pvt. Ltd • It was a 2nd Dose Vaccine Camp at Jayshree Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Total beneficiaries were 603 nos . • President Rtn Jagmohan Singh & Chairman of Jayshree Polymers . Rtn. Vinod Ji Bansal & Shakuntalaji Bansal inaugurated the Program . 6 Club members along with Mr. Kshirsagar of Sahyadri Hospital were also present. Project Name : Blood Donation Camp . Date & Venue : 8Th July 2021 , Rotary Community Centre. • Total Blood bottles collected : 86Nos Project Name : Flood Relief Project Date & Venue : 27Th July 2021 Project Details : • Ordered 2000 sets of Blankets & Bedsheets , • Ordered 25000 liters of water , will be sent in 3 lots of 8400 bottles . • It was informed that We will be receiving about 20 boxes of Sanitizers from Florescence Perfumes P Ltd . • Further it was informed that dry ration to a live kitchen at Mangaon, manage by Tehasil was be supplied. • Rs 7lacs collected for this project, 5 lacs from CSR of Sandvik & 2 lacs from members. A list of pending project was displayed for information. Board appreciated the efforts of the team. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Director Membership Rtn. Shashank Phadake: - Presented & informed as below, Achievement Till Now:- New members • 7 Citizen from PCMC area are identified • All are made to attend at least 2 online meetings • Bio Data of 3 remaining was informed to board. Satellite clubs • Eco Activists Chairman Dhruv Phadke an d M usic and Art lovers Chairman Hemant Karambelka r f elicitated by RI president Shekhar Mehta on 19 th July 2021 Both clubs have commenced their operations under guidence of Rtn Shashank and PP Sanjay De v dhar. Both club have paid half yearly dues in RC Ngdi Ba nk account and waiting for m od e to open their i ndividual account for operations New rotary club • RC of Alephata central president felicitated by RI President on 19th July 2021 Ghar wapsi Research is ON Assimilation Groups • Groups formed. Group leaders shall be finalized soon. Plan Of Action shall be decided and implemented in due course as per guidance by President Retention of Membership • Working on perfect mechanism to avoid reduction in membership number and plan shall be presented in next meet Board appreciated the planning & execution Approvals & Actions: - Director asked whether he should continue to form more new satellite clubs or restrict himself it was discussed & decided to explore after settling down the working of these 2 new clubs , further it was decided to circulate club by laws for satellite club. President asked for the approval to conduct a program of installation of satellite club President , secretary & it was approved with expenditure required within the limits already sanctioned for President Installation. Foundation Director Rtn. Arati Mulay: - Informed about the happenings as below, • Total Contribution & Commitments to APF $ 13500. • $100 Contribution from every Rotarian to TRF is expected. • Rtn Suhas Dhamale has already transferred $1100/- PFH 6 Also presented the list of commitments from members. Rtn Rakesh raised concern over transferring to TRF which may not be available for our GG project, President explained about the goals & targets. Further the appreciation certificate & pin for becoming major doner from district was handed over to Rtn Subhash Approvals & Actions: - Nil Youth Director Rtn. Dr. Ravindra Kadam: - Presented & inform as below • Out of 5 RYE applications 2 approved by district • Ice breaking Meeting was held with all Rotaract Presidents and few office bearers. • Updation of Rotary advisor to Interact Clubs on RI website. • 19 Rotaractors attended Our Meeting By DGN Manjoo Phadke on the topic of ‘Leadership of a large Club’ • Meeting was conducted with Rotaracters for mentoring & hand holding Chairman Pramod Barange gave the presentation.11 Rotaractors & 3 Rtn attended the meeting. • District event plan for Rotaract & Interact were discussed. BOD appreciated the efforts. Approvals & Actions: - Nil P I Director Rtn. Gurudip Singh Bhogal: - Informed about the news published in newspapers, further a LED display was presented before the board which is to be displayed at prominent location at Rotarians places. Further informed that the social media activities are started. President informed that linked n page to be used to attract corporates, further the opinion was expressed to update it moderately. Approvals & Actions: - Nil IT Director Rtn. Dayasagar Mrig: - It was informed that 7 Projects, 4 Weekly Bulletins, 6 Club Meeting , 1BOD, 1Club assly agenda, minutes have been uploaded on the District Website Further informed about the information required to upload activities on web site also informed about the activities yet to be uploaded & RI site is not yet ready for uploading the activities. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Special Project Director Rtn.PP Subhash Jaisinghani:- Green period (environment project) pad for pad The project was started on 14th July, 2021 at Creative Components with 65 women workers at the cost of Rs30000/- The silent features were explained & distribution took place afterwards. Board appreciated the initiative. Approvals & Actions: - Nil CSR Director Rtn. Rakesh Singhania: - Informed that currently we are engaged with 10 companies contributing INR 3 cr plan to engage with 25 companies. A brochure & CSR bulletin is planned, a first business meeting was held on 16th July, discussed about potential companies to be contacted. Further informed that Sandvik sent MOU & committed 5 lacs, Floressence donated for flood relief project. Further appeal to inform the lead if any. Annamitra requirements discussed in details & president inform that will execute if found doner & inform to discuss in next meeting. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Global Grand Director Rtn. Ravi Rajapurkar:- informed that ICU upgradation hold up due to some tech issues. The pending authorization done by president. Approvals & Actions: - Nil International….Peace & Conflict Director Rtn PP Shubhangi Kothari: - no presentation Rotary International.. Peace & Conflict: Approvals & Actions: - Nil Director Runathon Rtn. Ravi Hiremath: - Informed the date of Runathon as 6th Feb 2022 Further the explanation given on Plan A which is a regular but will be conducted for 5km & 10 km only & plan B will be virtual it was explained in details. Further it was informed to observe the Aple Pune marathon arranged by Pune Police on 15 th Aug further it was advise to observe other races & then take decision. Board appreciated the planning. Approvals & Actions: - Nil Treasurer Rtn. Jayant Yewale: - The accounts were presented as below: Club A/C:- Closing balance- Rs.109623.47/- Trust A/C:- Bank balance as on 21/7/21-Rs. 3761626/- Amount payable-Rs. 3892010/- Net balance- Rs -130384/- Receivables- Rs. 470000/- Handed over balance-Rs. 339616/- Total Receipt Rs. 4536684.44 Total Payment Rs. 3607576/- Looking at the negative balance Rtn Mukund & IPP Rtn Pravin assured about the receivables & positive balance. Approvals & Actions: - Stewardship Director PP Rtn. Srikrishna Karkare: - Informed that the survey forms are circulated to all PPs & requested to return duly filled in at the earliest. P E Rtn Pranita Alurkar: - Informed that By-Laws were circulated for considerations of the members. Open Discussions: Rtn Dr Sanjay Devdhar expressed the concern over the flood relief distribution mechanism President explained in details, further requirement of medical kit & gum boot was informed by Rtn Dr Devdhar, President informed that will be considered. Rtn Dayasagar Mrig referred to the issue with e-toilet, president confirmed that it will in function or lifted, Rtn Subhash informed that contacted sanitation dept to repair & maintain. Sargent at arms Pp Rtn. Dr Sanjay Devdhar: - Gave suggestion to secretary to circulate minutes & get approval on mail, further the information was given on operations of trust & club, expressed his concern over using black dress for Ganesh Vandana during installation President Jagmohan Singh adjourned the meeting.