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31Rowind October 16th 17th October, 2020 Rowind October 16th The Club bulletin is prepared by Rtn. Dayasagar Mrig. wonderful coverage of the last meeting , projects and events at District level Nigdi-Pune Click To View
32Rowind October 09 9th October, 2020 Rowind October 09 Rtn Dayasagar Mrig has compiled one more edition of the club bulletin in a wonderful manner. Nigdi-Pune Click To View
33Rowind October 2nd 2nd October, 2020 Rowind October 2nd Rtn. Dayasagar Mrig our Correspondent has given us yet another wonderful edition compiling all the club events, projects Nigdi-Pune Click To View
34Rowind September 25th 25th September, 2020 Rowind September 25th Rtn Dayasagar Mrig has again given us a wonderful club bulletin taking care of all the happenings in the club. Nigdi-Pune Click To View
35Rowind September 18th 2020 18th September, 2020 Rowind September 18th 2020 Rtn. dayasagar Mrig has once again designed a nice and crisp Bulletin taking careof all the club events and district events. Nigdi-Pune Click To View
36Rowind September 11th 11th September, 2020 Rowind September 11th As Usual This edition of the weekly Club Bulletin takes note of Upcoming meetings, events at club and district level. Nigdi-Pune Click To View
37Rowind September 4th 4th September, 2020 Rowind September 4th This edition takes note all the previous weeks projects, meeting, family night, upcoming projects and events at district and RI level. Nigdi-Pune Click To View
38Rowind August 28 28th August, 2020 Rowind August 28 This PPT format takes note of all the events, bulletin feedbacks, projects, meetings and new member inductions. Nigdi-Pune Click To View
39Rowind 21st August 21st August, 2020 Rowind 21st August This Edition Takes note of joint club meetings, projects, personal achievements and Strategic plan of the club Nigdi-Pune Click To View
40Rowind 14th August 2020 14th August, 2020 Rowind 14th August 2020 THIS EDITION TAKES NOTE OF THE ALL CLUB ACTIVITIES IN THE WEEK AS WELL AS THE PROJECTS AND MEETING " PARICHAY'. Nigdi-Pune Click To View
41Rowind 7th August 2020 7th August, 2020 Rowind 7th August 2020 This edition takes care of the District events, International and projects completed and planned projects. It also introduces to the upcoming meeting on 07/08/2020 Nigdi-Pune Click To View
42ROWIND 31072020 30th July, 2020 ROWIND 31072020 This Rowind takes care of all the events such as the previous meeting, projects completed and also the events at the district level and all the other clubs around. it also the meeting coming up tomorrow and the celebrations of the club members. Nigdi-Pune Click To View
43ROWIND 24072020 24th July, 2020 ROWIND 24072020 This Edition of Rowind 24072020 takes note of the club assembly, completed projects and proposed projects Nigdi-Pune Click To View
44Bulletin No 3 17th July, 2020 Bulletin No 3 This edition of the club bulletin covers the projects done in last week, meetings conducted, projects proposed and the achievements of the Rotarian Families Nigdi-Pune Click To View
45ROWIND 03072020 3rd July, 2020 ROWIND 03072020 This bulletin has taken note of all the COVID 19 projects in last 2 months and upcoming BOD installation ad new trustees elected Nigdi-Pune Click To View
46Rowind 10th July 10th July, 2020 Rowind 10th july Club Activities, Dreams and Goals of Leaders at club, District and RI levels Nigdi-Pune Click To View